Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be a global market leader in Tea Manufacturing and Trading, Hospitality Management, Renewable Energy and Petroleum.

About Us

The KDU Group prides itself on being one of the most successful family owned conglomerates in Sri Lanka. Consisting of 15 thriving subsidiaries, including Tea Factories, Leisure Management, Exports, Real Estate, Petroleum and a Hydro Power Plant, the tea industry lies at the core of our group. We are now a leading tea manufacturer and exporter, with some of the largest cutting-edge factories in Sri Lanka.

Our inherent commitment, dedication to quality and productivity, traditional wisdom and innovative thinking has placed KDU Group at the pinnacle of success, establishing us as a forerunner in the market. Our strong values and firm beliefs that have enriched our past, continue to empower our future.

Mrs. Karuna Upasena

Our History

Our Founder and Chairman, the Late Mr. K.D. Upasena established his corporate empire through humble beginnings by initially embarking upon a small scale vegetable distribution business in Bandarawela during the early 1950's. Following his marriage in 1957, he ventured into the illustrious business of river gemming. He soon proved to be a success in the gem industry and was also the first to introduce the “Gemming Diving Kit” to Sri Lanka. His entrepreneurial journey continued as he decided to make his mark in the tea industry by leasing a tea factory named "Maha Kade Istoruwa", which he purchased in the year 1982. The factory was later renamed as “Galpaditenne Tea Factory”.

Since then, he purchased and leased a number of tea factories in the low country, with the final addition during his lifetime being “Nilvin View” in 2001. His demise later that year left his legacy in the safe and capable hands of his wife Mrs. Karuna Upasena, who presided over the business and was appointed as chairperson of the KDU Group. The family enterprise further expanded its wings, as their two sons Saman and Thushan Upasena took over the Group following their mother’s passing. They now manage the group jointly and their shared experience and knowledge has expanded the company into further diversity and growth.

Mr. K.D. Upasena

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