Our People

At KDU Group, we strongly believe that the success of the company starts with our employees. We currently employ approximately 4,500 people and directly work with over 20,000 tea small holders, encouraging a work environment which promotes teamwork, leadership, open communication and forward thinking, all sharing the common goal of becoming a global leader within our industry.

Mr. Saman Upasena

Chairman, KDU Group

Following his education at St. Benedict’s College, Saman Upasena joined the family business at age 22. He instantly proved himself with his hands-on approach and has since been the force behind its innovation and success. Inspired by his late father, he was determined to bring the Company to greater heights through his visionary thinking. His primary step towards this goal was the automation of the tea production process at the Galpaditenne Tea Factory, which resulted in increased volumes, factory hygiene, product quality and productivity.

His contemporary thinking and sharp business acumen has won him and the company a series of awards, both locally and internationally, including the coveted award for Outstanding Entrepreneur at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards consecutively in 2013 and 2014 for his sustainable business model.

Mr. Thushan Upasena

Managing Director, KDU Group

Thushan spearheads four of the tea factories under the KDU Group umbrella and is the pioneer behind the largest fuel mart in Sri Lanka. His ambitious nature and skills in successful management has led the company to new areas of interest and diversification, including gem mining, petroleum and a modern restaurant.

He aspires to upgrade Sabaragamuwa teas to rank No.1 in Sri Lanka and has introduced new technologies and fully trained human resources into his factories. He has also initiated a unique task force to identify and amend any grievances of his green leaf suppliers, thus ensuring a steady and continuous flow.

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